Competitive team again the most successful team at the Hamburg Championship

On February 23 this year's Hamburg Championship took place in Finkenwerder for all  Ju-Jutsu Fighting and duo competitors.
With a total of 34 participants, we presented one of the biggest teams in this tournament.
The objective was clear: to repeat our success in recent years and win the title as the most successful team.


All competitors showed consistently superior performances and a high degree of technical skill, so we could write 9 golden, 9 silver and 6 bronze medals to our account - enough for the renewed team title!

Among the highlights of the day surely counted our young duo team. Although Lea and Miriam were the only team in their class and thus out of competition, they presented their Ju-Jutsu combinations with impressive dynamics and impressed the present audience.

Our U21 national squad athlete Jonas unfortunately got an injury during warm-up  and therefore couldn't fight. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he is 100% fit to fight at the North German Championship.

Because of the small starting field there were only two weight classes for seniors.

In the class of Women + 70KG Britta was able to secure second place and so she got another silver medal for our balance sheet.

Markus, our coach for the Fighting on Friday, had a small comeback "just for fun" after several years of competition break. He fought in the group men's -85KG and showed how important fighting experience in martial arts is. Despite the lack of preparation, he also finished in second place.

The greatest praise goes to our many young fighters in the age groups U10, U12, U15 and U18. For some of them this was their first participation in a tournament at all.But regardless of the exciting atmosphere and their certainly existing nervousness, they were responsible for the mammoth amount of medals.


Our Hamburg Champions 2013:

• Sophie U15 –32KG

• Virginia U15 –52KG

• Mania U15 –44KG

• Viktoria U12 –32KG

• Eleonora U12 –40KG

• Darya U10 –32KG

• Joshua U10 –30KG

• Tom U12 –34KG

• Lars U12 –27KG

• Lea Duo

• Miriam Duo


Our Vice Champions:

• Pia U18 –57KG

• Lucas U15 –34KG

• Cara U15 –44KG

• Daniel U18 –60KG

• Chiara U10 –32KG

• Ben U10 –30KG

• Ben U12 –34KG

• Britta Senioren +70KG

• Markus Senioren –85KG


Bronze went to:

• Kyra U15 –32KG

• Vanessa U15 –52KG

• Patsy U18 +70KG

• Fee U12 –32KG

• Pauline U12 –40KG

• Melina U10 –32KG


Also fighting:

• Jeppe U18 –55KG

• Zoe U15 –32KG

• Philip U18 –73KG

• Maximilian U18 –73KG

• Melissa U12 –32KG

• Mellina U12 –32KG

• Janin U18 +70KG

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